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Mary Joan Brinson, MSW, RSW, Certified EFT TherapistPostpartum
in the
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My story is simple: In 1994, my life
changed –
I became a mother. How could an event expected to bring so much joy and happiness, leave me feeling unsure, unsettled, and overwhelmed in ways I could have never imagined? After all, I was a smart, educated woman who took the classes, read all the books and was READY for this baby and motherhood. But it threw me for a loop.

For the past 20 years, I have been on a journey to understand what women need to discover who they are as a mother without losing themselves as a woman.  As part of this journey, I have created the opportunity to educate, support and nurture women through their own journey of pregnancy and motherhood.

I'm here to provide immediate help – I know what you are going through and I know exactly what steps to take to help you feel better. Healing begins with one small step.

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If you don’t like how you are feeling, email or call 613-848-3683 to book a free telephone consultation. I will help you determine what you need to do to start to feel like yourself again. With a bit of help and support, you will feel better. Click to Contact Mary Joan. Click to view Facebook. Individual Therapy Postpartum Support Couples Sessions